“Have Fun (Again)” by Diana Ross (1980)

Most of Diana’s albums are a patchwork quilt of writers and producers, and as such tend to be pretty inconsistent. One reason 1980’s diana is considered to be a classic is because it’s the work of one production team-Bernard Edwards and Nile Rodgers. The men behind the band Chic were near the top of their game when Diana recorded these songs, and they brought fantastic performances out of her, even though Diana ultimately saw fit to remix the album after the songs were completed.

“Have Fun (Again)” opens diana’s second side, and the song is pure joy. From the moment she shouts “hey everybody!” before the music kicks in, you know you’re in for a good time. You can feel Diana getting caught up in Chic’s ebullient groove, even scatting along with Bernard’s bass during a tasty breakdown. I’m not sure if I’ve pointed out how amazing Bernard Edwards is as a bassist yet (actually, I’m sure I have because I’ve already discussed “Good Times”), but “Have Fun (Again)” is a showcase for his proficiency with the bottom end.

Just an all-around fantastic, upbeat dance record from one of the immediate post-disco era’s best albums.

And there’s a false fade at the end! What else could you ask for?

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