“Emotional Rescue” by The Rolling Stones (1980)

Disco/funk Stones is pretty damn good Stones. Not to show my hand early, but there are several more songs that qualify as “disco” Stones on this list. “Emotional Rescue”, the title track to the venerable rock band’s 1980 album, finds Mick riding his falsetto hard while Keith, Charlie, Ron and that creepazoid Bill lay down… Read More “Emotional Rescue” by The Rolling Stones (1980)

“Don’t Leave Me This Way” by Thelma Houston (1976)

“Don’t Leave Me This Way” began life as a song by Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes. It appeared on 1975’s Wake Up Everybody, their last album to feature Teddy Pendergrass as the lead vocalist. Motown’s staff got wind of the song, and decided to re-record it on Thelma Houston. Their recording of the song… Read More “Don’t Leave Me This Way” by Thelma Houston (1976)

“Doctor Love” by First Choice (1977)

First Choice came out of Philly, deftly straddling the line between Gamble & Huff’s lush production and the four-on-the-floor thump that signified New York City disco. “Doctor Love” was their biggest hit (although I’m not sure that it’s their best known song now), and it’s a joyful celebration of finding that person who…uh, knows how… Read More “Doctor Love” by First Choice (1977)