“Fields Of Gold” by Sting (1993)

Sting has written his share of songs that approach love from a warped perspective. “Every Breath You Take” and “So Lonely” immediately come to mind. “Fields Of Gold” is not that. This summer ’93 hit finds Mr. Sumner at his most openhearted and traditionally romantic. The boyish joy of songs like “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic” has been replaced by a knowing, mature lyric and vocal. I guess it’s beside the point to call a Sting lyric pretentious, but even if you may roll your eyes at the vision of Sting and his love traipsing through fields of barley, you can’t help but swoon at the romantic imagery.

The late Eva Cassidy’s version of “Fields Of Gold” has become more prominent in the minds of many music fans, and while there’s no denying the plaintiveness of Cassidy’s rendition, Sting’s original has an understated grace that has made it a favorite at many weddings and commitment ceremonies.

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