“Enough To Be On Your Way” by James Taylor (1997)

James Taylor wrote “Enough To Be On Your Way” following the 1993 death of his brother Alex. He’s said in interviews that he wanted to make sense of the event without making it very obviously about Alex’s passing, so created some narrative distance by changing some details and singing about “Alice” instead of “Alex”. However… Read More “Enough To Be On Your Way” by James Taylor (1997)

“Endless Summer Nights” by Richard Marx (1987)

In the liner notes to his greatest hits album (which I proudly owned), singer/songwriter Richard Marx claimed that the version of “Endless Summer Nights” that wound up being commercially released-with the exception of a synth bass that was later replaced by the legendary Nathan East-was rejected by multiple record labels while Richard was looking for… Read More “Endless Summer Nights” by Richard Marx (1987)

“Emotion” by Samantha Sang (1977)

From 1977-1979, The Bee Gees were on the hottest of hot streaks. Saturday Night Fever‘s soundtrack was hitting, the songs they wrote and produced for little brother Andy Gibb were topping the charts, and they also were behind smashes for Yvonne Elliman, Frankie Valli, and this disco-spiced smoochie-dancer from Samantha Sang. “Emotion” features Barry, Robin… Read More “Emotion” by Samantha Sang (1977)