“Change Of Heart” by Cyndi Lauper (1986)

This was five stars, then it was four stars. Now, it’s five stars again.

I love “Change Of Heart”. Really. It’s maybe the toughest-sounding song of Cyndi’s imperial phase, and it was a nice change pace single following “True Colors”. The background vocals by The Bangles are a really nice touch. California vocals floating through a very New York-sounding track. The funky Nile Rodgers-esque rhythm guitar is great too.

I have to admit, though; my rationale for including it in this list went as follows: I rated “All Through The Night” five stars. I like “Change Of Heart” more than I like “All Through The Night”. Consequently…

I just watched the video for the first time since, probably, 1987. I think the real reason for Cyndi’s commercial downfall is that she played the “weird NYC lady” gimmick for too long. She’s already toning it down with this video, but it might have already been too late. Also, it could be said that she wouldn’t have gotten as big as she got without the weirdness angle. Still, how seriously can you take someone who brings Hulk Hogan on stage with them to accept a Grammy?

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