“A Different Corner” by George Michael (1986)

The issue with cataloguing every five song in your iTunes library is that certain songs (actually-most songs) don’t feel like unequivocally perfect songs every day. Looking ahead at the next few songs, I’m not sure whether they are “5″s or very high “4″s. But I’m going to go with my initial ratings for each. Somewhat interestingly, each… Read More “A Different Corner” by George Michael (1986)

“Change Of Heart” by Cyndi Lauper (1986)

This was five stars, then it was four stars. Now, it’s five stars again. I love “Change Of Heart”. Really. It’s maybe the toughest-sounding song of Cyndi’s imperial phase, and it was a nice change pace single following “True Colors”. The background vocals by The Bangles are a really nice touch. California vocals floating through a… Read More “Change Of Heart” by Cyndi Lauper (1986)

“Can’t Wait Another Minute” by Five Star (1986)

Five Star was a British group of brothers and sisters, created in the mold of DeBarge and The Jacksons. They broke through to U.S. audiences in late 1985 with “All Fall Down” and “Let Me Be The One”. “Can’t Wait Another Minute” was the lead single from their second U.S. album, Silk & Steel, and it’s one of… Read More “Can’t Wait Another Minute” by Five Star (1986)