“All Night Passion” by Alisha (1984)

In the wake of Madonna’s initial success, New York-based record companies tripped over themselves trying to sign chicks that could replicate her sound. One of the first to earn a contract was Brooklyn’s Alisha. “All Night Passion” was her debut single, and it’s a slice of sleazy electro-disco made significantly more sleazy by the fact that Alisha was 15 when she recorded it (this is something I found out barely a month ago. I’d assumed that she was at least in her early twenties).

“All Night Passion” is arguably more sexual than anything even Madge had put out by this point (with the exception of maybe “Burning Up”). It’s also one of those songs that makes me wish I could spend just one weekend back in the early ‘80s, perusing NYC’s underground and/or gay club scene.

Here’s the video in all of it’s public access realness.

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