“All Night Long (All Night)” by Lionel Richie (1983)

Subtitled because the song that appears right before it on this very list was released at the exact same time on the exact same label (sort of, the MJG song was released on the Motown subsidiary label Gordy).

“All Night Long (All Night)”, objectively, is a STUPID MOTHERFUCKING SONG. But it’s SOOOO good too! I don’t think that’s all nostalgia talking, either.

In interviews, Lionel Richie has spoken about how he got the chanting in the bridge from his then-wife’s Jamaican gynecologist (I must interject here-it’s a shame that Brenda Richie never appeared on Celebrity Boxing). I call bullshit. I grew up in East Flatbush, Brooklyn-a neighborhood that has more Jamaicans per capita than any place that’s NOT JAMAICA and I ain’t never heard anyone do that “jumbo jumbo” shit. Lionel’s bridge contains as much pidgin Jamaican as Miss Cleo does. Or did. Rest in peace, Miss Cleo.

I did this song at karaoke once. Must’ve been 11 or 12 years ago. I went with a bunch of co-workers. Fancy karaoke place, with a mezzanine. There were a bunch of liquored up ladies on the mezzanine-could’ve been a bachelorette party. During the bridge, all of those women came downstairs to dance with me. It was gratifying and horrifying all at the same time. I want to go to a Lionel Richie show once in my life just so I can have a communal experience to “All Night Long”.  Yeah, jumbo jumbo!!!

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