“Give Me Tonight” by Shannon (1984)

“Give Me Tonight” brings sadness to the dance floor as well as any Robyn song (and we all know, the Swedish pop diva is the queen of clubland heartbreak.) The first verse of this electro classic finds Shannon strolling through the park. She overhears a couple in the process of breaking up. A girl is telling her boyfriend that it’s over, but he’s unwilling to accept it. By the time the second verse rolls around, Shannon is repeating the same scenario, only she’s the person attempting to ditch her mate. Her desperate boyfriend repeats the same words she heard from the previous couple:

Give me tonight
Baby if you don’t want to stay
Girl, I’ll just go get you
You’ll see I’m right
You won’t get to go away
Love ain’t gonna let you

That sounds…a little scary in 2019, doesn’t it? In 1984, it passed for passion. And Shannon’s performance of “Give Me Tonight” equalled the passion that songwriters Liggett & Barbosa put into their one-act dance floor play. She delivers a hushed reading of the verses, her singing increasing with intensity as the song progresses before going into full on shriek mode with “I’LL GIVE YOU ONE MORE NIGHT!!”

Lyrics aside, “Give Me Tonight” pumps. The trio of Shannon, Liggett and Barbosa were barely removed from thumping dance floors nationwide with “Let The Music Play” when they dropped this heater. Those floors were thumped once more-“Give Me Tonight” followed its predecessor to the #1 spot on Billboard‘s disco charts and saved Shannon from one-hit wonderdom.

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