“Coffee” by Miguel (2015)

If “Adorn” was Miguel’s breakthrough “I Wanna Be Your Lover”-style hit, “Coffee” was his “Dirty Mind”. I make the Prince comparison because…well, because it’s apt. It also means Miguel’s next album will make him a pop superstar. After all, Prince’s fifth album was 1999. I’m getting ahead of myself. “Coffee” was the lead single from… Read More “Coffee” by Miguel (2015)

“Between Me, You & Liberation” by Common (2002)

Common’s 2002 album Electric Circus was met with a lot of scratched heads upon release. The Chicago MC had already engineered a stylistic shift from prototypical boom-bap to full-on neo-soul, and broke through commercially with 1999′s Like Water For Chocolate. Even with that genre detour though,  Electric Circus was on some other shit. It was… Read More “Between Me, You & Liberation” by Common (2002)