“Empty” by Janet Jackson (1997)

I have a lot to say about The Velvet Rope, the Janet Jackson album that “Empty” appears on. So much to say that I’ve considered drafting a proposal and sending it to the folks at 33 ⅓ (the folks that put out books about records). The Velvet Rope was a ridiculously daring album, graphic in… Read More “Empty” by Janet Jackson (1997)

“Don’t You Want Me?” by The Human League (1981)

“Don’t You Want Me” is one of those songs that could be the plot of a movie…a movie that could potentially end in disturbing fashion. As I’ve grown older and understood relationships more, I’ve figured out how factual the story arc of “Don’t You Want Me” can be. By the time a relationship ends, usually… Read More “Don’t You Want Me?” by The Human League (1981)