“Heaven Help Me” by Deon Estus (1989)

Deon Estus was a premier bass player, having apprenticed until legendary Motown session man James Jamerson. Estus’s talents were noticed by pop duo Wham!, and he was hired by the duo and became an integral part of their touring band. Deon appears prominently in the “I’m Your Man” and “Edge of Heaven” videos. Following Wham!’s… Read More “Heaven Help Me” by Deon Estus (1989)

“Groove Me” by King Floyd (1970)/”Groove Me” by Guy (1988)

Here are two funky songs with the same title. Both songs pointed towards a shift in Black music. I can explain the difference in the two songs using Soul Train gifs, which is pretty awesome. Here’s a gif that, to me, exemplifies King Floyd’s “Groove Me”. It’s dirty, backwoods funky. Which makes sense, because King… Read More “Groove Me” by King Floyd (1970)/”Groove Me” by Guy (1988)

“Don Quichotte” by Magazine 60 (1985)

I discovered this amazing not-quite-a-hit via Rhino’s (awesomely curated) The Disco Years CD series from the mid ‘90s. Although “Don Quichotte” came a few years too late to “officially” qualify as disco (whatever that means), it’s also not hi-NRG or dance-pop a la Madonna, it’s…it’s absurd is what it is. Absurd synthesizer music with pidgin Spanish,… Read More “Don Quichotte” by Magazine 60 (1985)