“Higher Ground” by Stevie Wonder (1973)

You’re not going to get many statements of purpose more fervent than Stevie Wonder’s “Higher Ground”. It’s a song of faith that stands tall even amongst Stevie’s many excellent declarations of faith. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not an especially religious person. Not an unbeliever, just a skeptic. However, if there’s one person that is… Read More “Higher Ground” by Stevie Wonder (1973)

“Breakin’ (There’s No Stopping Us)” by Ollie & Jerry (1984)

Time to start poppin’ and lockin’ for one of the key songs from the summer of 1984-possibly the greatest year in history for pop singles. “Breakin’”, the theme to the movie of the same name is pure positivity effervescence. Like an electro-soul “Eye Of The Tiger”. Ollie Brown & Jerry Knight came from the band… Read More “Breakin’ (There’s No Stopping Us)” by Ollie & Jerry (1984)