“Half-Crazy” by Johnny Gill (1985)

Three years before he released his first record as a member of New Edition, and five years before he rubbed us the right way, Johnny Gill had a modest R&B hit with “Half-Crazy”, a piano ballad I (if I remember correctly) overheard one night in my bedroom as my parents were watching the video in… Read More “Half-Crazy” by Johnny Gill (1985)

“Betcha By Golly, Wow!” by The Stylistics (1972)

I can confirm that people did, in fact, use the word “golly” back in the ‘70s. And it wasn’t just people on Happy Days or Sesame Street, either! I’m pretty sure I heard my Mom use that word on several occasions. Retroactive silliness of the song title notwithstanding, “Betcha By…” remains a highlight of the catalog of The… Read More “Betcha By Golly, Wow!” by The Stylistics (1972)