“Crush On You” by The Jets (1985)

First off, let’s show some love to the brown girl attitude all over “Crush On You”’s first couplet: “you must have heard it from my best friend/she’s always talkin’ when she should be listenin’”. You weren’t getting that much sass in your pop/R&B in the ‘80s, especially from female singers. Then Elizabeth Wolfgramm and Janet Jackson hit you with… Read More “Crush On You” by The Jets (1985)

“Breakin’ (There’s No Stopping Us)” by Ollie & Jerry (1984)

Time to start poppin’ and lockin’ for one of the key songs from the summer of 1984-possibly the greatest year in history for pop singles. “Breakin’”, the theme to the movie of the same name is pure positivity effervescence. Like an electro-soul “Eye Of The Tiger”. Ollie Brown & Jerry Knight came from the band… Read More “Breakin’ (There’s No Stopping Us)” by Ollie & Jerry (1984)