“Fortunate” by Maxwell (1999)

“Fortunate” is as straightforward a pop song as Maxwell has ever done. Quite possibly, this is because “Fortunate” is one of the only Maxwell songs that doesn’t boast a writing credit from the artist. “Fortunate” comes from the pen of R. Kelly, was recorded for the soundtrack to the movie Life (co-starring Eddie Murphy and… Read More “Fortunate” by Maxwell (1999)

“Emotional Rescue” by The Rolling Stones (1980)

Disco/funk Stones is pretty damn good Stones. Not to show my hand early, but there are several more songs that qualify as “disco” Stones on this list. “Emotional Rescue”, the title track to the venerable rock band’s 1980 album, finds Mick riding his falsetto hard while Keith, Charlie, Ron and that creepazoid Bill lay down… Read More “Emotional Rescue” by The Rolling Stones (1980)

“Devotion” by Ten City (1987)

Sylvester was still alive at the end of 1987, when Ten City’s “Devotion” broke out of the burgeoning Chicago house scene and became an international hit. The disco legend’s spirit is all over these grooves, through. Sylvester’s best work successfully merged spiritual ecstasy with sensual release, topped off by that otherworldly falsetto. Ten City’s Byron Stingily was… Read More “Devotion” by Ten City (1987)

“Can’t Hide Love” by Earth, Wind & Fire (1975)

Here are some awesome things about “Can’t Hide Love” -The horn charts. That cluster of ascending notes that begins the song make it instantly recognizable. And I think any appreciator of soul music has to give props to the Phenix Horns. -The vocal interplay of Maurice White and Philip Bailey. Reese stays low to the… Read More “Can’t Hide Love” by Earth, Wind & Fire (1975)

“Betcha By Golly, Wow!” by The Stylistics (1972)

I can confirm that people did, in fact, use the word “golly” back in the ‘70s. And it wasn’t just people on Happy Days or Sesame Street, either! I’m pretty sure I heard my Mom use that word on several occasions. Retroactive silliness of the song title notwithstanding, “Betcha By…” remains a highlight of the catalog of The… Read More “Betcha By Golly, Wow!” by The Stylistics (1972)

“After The Love Has Gone” by Earth, Wind & Fire (1979)

David Foster is not the devil. Granted, he’s given us plenty of adult contemporary pablum to chew on in the last 30 years or so. A bunch of shitty Chicago records, the entirety of Josh Groban’s oeuvre, etc. However, he’s also (at least) partially responsible for stone gems like this lush EW&F classic from late ‘79.… Read More “After The Love Has Gone” by Earth, Wind & Fire (1979)