“Grindin'” by Clipse (2002)

“Grindin’” is hard as shit. It has proverbial ice running through its proverbial veins. It’s an interesting marriage of two pieces I can find problematic individually. I can’t say I’m crazy about hip-hop (or any music) that leans too hard into drug dealing. I think there’s a fine line between street reporting/storytelling and glorification, and… Read More “Grindin'” by Clipse (2002)

“Cloud Nine” by The Temptations (1968)

Motown prided itself on being “The Sound Of Young America”, By the late ‘60s, young America wanted social commentary in their art. The country was-literally-burning thanks to race riots and war protests. Grittier times called for grittier music. “Cloud Nine” marked a gritty, socially conscious left turn for the group that was previously known for stately, smooth tunes… Read More “Cloud Nine” by The Temptations (1968)