“Don Quichotte” by Magazine 60 (1985)

I discovered this amazing not-quite-a-hit via Rhino’s (awesomely curated) The Disco Years CD series from the mid ‘90s. Although “Don Quichotte” came a few years too late to “officially” qualify as disco (whatever that means), it’s also not hi-NRG or dance-pop a la Madonna, it’s…it’s absurd is what it is. Absurd synthesizer music with pidgin Spanish,… Read More “Don Quichotte” by Magazine 60 (1985)

“Automatic” by The Pointer Sisters (1983)

“Cutting-edge” isn’t a term that one would normally associate with The Pointer Sisters. They entered the scene in thrift-store dresses, balancing funk workouts like “Yes We Can Can” opposite tunes that cast them as a modern-day Andrews Sisters. After one sister departed (Bonnie), they made a stylistic change and became well-known for straight down the middle… Read More “Automatic” by The Pointer Sisters (1983)