“Hungry Heart” by Bruce Springsteen (1980)

The inclusion of “Hungry Heart” on this list gave me a little bit of internal tumult. By adding it, was I trying to puff up my Springsteen bona fides? Or my rock bona fides? Was my intention to include it based on the nostalgia of it being the first Springsteen song I was aware of?… Read More “Hungry Heart” by Bruce Springsteen (1980)

“Better Man” (or”Betterman”) by Pearl Jam (1994)

a few thoughts… *Greatest intro to a Pearl Jam song ever. Immediately sets a contemplative mood, which of course matches “Better Man”’s lyrics. *Occasionally stylized as “Betterman”. I’m still not sure what the exact title is. *Best song on a so-so album. Vs. was and is one of my favorite albums (easily one of the 10… Read More “Better Man” (or”Betterman”) by Pearl Jam (1994)