“Constant Conversations” by Passion Pit (2012)

Listening to Passion Pit’s “Constant Conversations” now, it’s hard to not think that the song was ripped straight from Michael Angelakos’s personal journal. Angelakos, who in essence is Passion Pit, famously developed the musical project as a gift to his then-girlfriend. The musical project turned into an actual idea for a band. Local success turned into national/international… Read More “Constant Conversations” by Passion Pit (2012)

“Butterfly” (Mariah Carey, 1997)/ “Bye Baby” (NaS, 2012)

Time for a little re-assessment. Bumping two songs from the last batch of four star songs up a notch. Also dropping back for two final “B” songs. “Butterfly”, on its face, is a prototypical big ‘90s Mariah ballad. That’s where the comparisons to “Hero” (which is awful), “One Sweet Day” (which is pretty bad), or her cover of “I’ll Be… Read More “Butterfly” (Mariah Carey, 1997)/ “Bye Baby” (NaS, 2012)

“Backseat Freestyle” by Kendrick Lamar (2012)

Kendrick Lamar’s “Backseat Freestyle” is the Black male ego run unchecked…and it’s awesome. In my previous Kendrick post, I mentioned how hip-hop has a swagger that, as a Black man, makes me feel unstoppable in the right context. Certain artists do that for me: Jay, Kanye, Talib Kweli. Ballers have that swagger too: J.R. Smith,… Read More “Backseat Freestyle” by Kendrick Lamar (2012)