“Hanginaround” by Counting Crows (1999)

I don’t know that “carefree” is an adjective generally applied to the music of Counting Crows. Formerly dreadlocked Adam Duritz¹ and his homeboys usually traffic in earnestness or a plaintive sadness. So it was nice to hear the band chill out a bit and lead their third album, 1999’s This Desert Life, off with the… Read More “Hanginaround” by Counting Crows (1999)

“Can I Get Wit’cha?” by The Notorious B.I.G. (1999)

It’s easy to see why “Can I Get Wit’cha” was released posthumously. The playful vibe didn’t fit either of the albums Biggie released during his lifetime. Contrary to his stories of selling dope or living the big life, “Can I Get Wit’cha” is a slice of life song. It’s a hot-ass summer day in Brooklyn, and B.I.G. is looking… Read More “Can I Get Wit’cha?” by The Notorious B.I.G. (1999)

“Bitter” by Me’shell NdegeOcello (1999)

Bitter was the first of many stylistic shifts for Me’Shell NdegeOcello. Recorded in the aftermath of a romantic breakup, the singer/songwriter/bassist’s third album largely eschewed the socio-political funk and hip-hop jams that dominated her first two efforts in favor of intimate folk/pop with an orchestral sweep. The lyrics followed suit. Bitter’s title track is a… Read More “Bitter” by Me’shell NdegeOcello (1999)