“Do You Really Want To Know?” by George Michael (1992)

The house-spiked “Do You Really Want To Know” was one of three new songs George Michael contributed to the AIDS benefit release Red, Hot & Dance. The “Red Hot” series put out a series of releases throughout the ‘90s; with each volume covering a specific genre-ranging from hip-hop to bossa nova. “Too Funky” and “Happy”… Read More “Do You Really Want To Know?” by George Michael (1992)

“Crazyman Dance” by George Michael (1992)

Had it been completed, George Michael’s Listen Without Prejudice 2 would have been a banger. Four songs from the album wound up being commercially released. Three of them get a five-star rating from me. Too bad George’s issues with Sony Music prevented us from getting another banger. The 1993 passing of George’s partner Anselmo Feleppa… Read More “Crazyman Dance” by George Michael (1992)