“Hands To Heaven” by Breathe (1987)

There is an element of religious iconography present in the music of British sophisti-pop group Breathe. Of their five top 40 American hits, one is called “Say A Prayer”, another (the excellent and phenomenally sad “Does She Love That Man”) takes place during the Christmas season, and their debut single is called “Hands To Heaven”.… Read More “Hands To Heaven” by Breathe (1987)

“Groove Me” by King Floyd (1970)/”Groove Me” by Guy (1988)

Here are two funky songs with the same title. Both songs pointed towards a shift in Black music. I can explain the difference in the two songs using Soul Train gifs, which is pretty awesome. Here’s a gif that, to me, exemplifies King Floyd’s “Groove Me”. It’s dirty, backwoods funky. Which makes sense, because King… Read More “Groove Me” by King Floyd (1970)/”Groove Me” by Guy (1988)

“Grindin'” by Clipse (2002)

“Grindin’” is hard as shit. It has proverbial ice running through its proverbial veins. It’s an interesting marriage of two pieces I can find problematic individually. I can’t say I’m crazy about hip-hop (or any music) that leans too hard into drug dealing. I think there’s a fine line between street reporting/storytelling and glorification, and… Read More “Grindin'” by Clipse (2002)

“Got To Be There” by Michael Jackson (1971)

“Got To Be There” announced the arrival of Michael Jackson, solo artist. While it certainly set a precedent, MJ and J5 records would remain virtually interchangeable for another eight years. So there’s nothing here that portended Michael’s mastery of pop music with one big exception: that voice. Michael hadn’t hit puberty yet, so “Got To… Read More “Got To Be There” by Michael Jackson (1971)