“Everybody Everybody” by Black Bo…uh, Martha Wash (1990)

I remember “Black Box”‘s appearance on Soul Train in summer 1990. I watched Don Cornelius interview Black Box’s “singer”, Katrin Quinol, and wondered how someone who couldn’t speak a lick of English could sing it so effortlessly. Turns out Katrin Quinol didn’t sing a damn syllable of “Everybody Everybody”, and had I been more musically… Read More “Everybody Everybody” by Black Bo…uh, Martha Wash (1990)

“Devotion” by Ten City (1987)

Sylvester was still alive at the end of 1987, when Ten City’s “Devotion” broke out of the burgeoning Chicago house scene and became an international hit. The disco legend’s spirit is all over these grooves, through. Sylvester’s best work successfully merged spiritual ecstasy with sensual release, topped off by that otherworldly falsetto. Ten City’s Byron Stingily was… Read More “Devotion” by Ten City (1987)