“Fantasy” by Earth, Wind & Fire (1977)/”Fantasy” by Me’Shell NdegeOcello (2005)

Song lyrics have become a lot more literal over the years. I don’t think a song like “Fantasy” could be a hit in 2019. The millennials wouldn’t cotton to it. And I can’t really speak to how people felt when EW&F released the original version of this song-after all, I was an infant at the… Read More “Fantasy” by Earth, Wind & Fire (1977)/”Fantasy” by Me’Shell NdegeOcello (2005)

“Bitter” by Me’shell NdegeOcello (1999)

Bitter was the first of many stylistic shifts for Me’Shell NdegeOcello. Recorded in the aftermath of a romantic breakup, the singer/songwriter/bassist’s third album largely eschewed the socio-political funk and hip-hop jams that dominated her first two efforts in favor of intimate folk/pop with an orchestral sweep. The lyrics followed suit. Bitter’s title track is a… Read More “Bitter” by Me’shell NdegeOcello (1999)