“Hungry Like The Wolf” by Duran Duran (1982)

“Hungry Like The Wolf” was the first time many of us in America heard of Duran Duran. Perhaps more importantly, “Hungry Like The Wolf” marked the first time many Americans saw Duran Duran. And while there was certainly a contingent of people who saw the Fab Five as major eye candy (like my cousin Antoinette who was coo coo for CoCo Puffs over the band), I was initially sucked in by the exotic nature of the song’s Russell Mulcahy-directed video. It was shot in exotic Sri Lanka and has an air of erotic intrigue that I was aware of even at the age of 6. The clip also won the band a Grammy Award–and 1983 wasn’t exactly a shabby year for music videos.

Of course, a groundbreaking video is only a groundbreaking video and in order for it to be truly impactful, the song has to be pretty good too, right? Especially in the early ’80s, as most American households either were not wired for or couldn’t afford MTV. Duran Duran’s heady mix of art rock and dance music was a new sound for U.S. ears, and the combination of great song and great video was what brought it to Number 3 on these shores in spring 1983. It’s also what’s made the song stand the test of the time. It’s arguably Duran’s best-known songs, although there are a handful that surpassed it in chart position. It will always carry a post-disco shimmer (with just a hint of danger) for me.

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