“How Long (Bet’cha Got A Chick On The Side)” by The Pointer Sisters (1975)

The Pointer Sisters were musical chameleons; able to tackle throwback pop, dance music, middle of the road yacht rock, hard rock, jazz and even country with relative ease. Every couple of albums, they sounded like a completely different group. 1975’s “How Long” finds the Oakland-bred quartet (at least that’s what they were at the time) throwing down on some wah-wah accented FONK. The mood is straight out of I Ain’t Takin’ No Shit-s-ville, and those whispered “I know you got a chick on the side”s are the icing on the cake. Fitting for the funkiest song the Pointers ever recorded, “How Long” was the only Number One R&B single of their career.

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