“Hourglass” by Squeeze (1987)

Squeeze’s Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook are a songwriting duo on par with…yes, I was gonna write Lennon and McCartney. While I can’t say I totally believe that (I mean, we are talking John and Paul here), they have written some incredibly tuneful songs in their day. “Hourglass” was their biggest U.S. hit (although other songs which we’ll discuss later have had longer shelf lives), reaching #15 in the fall of 1987. Its popularity fortunately coincided with me rediscovering the joys of listening to the top 40 weekly after three years of either getting my fix on the sneak tip (because my parents forbade me from listening) or during the summer (when I stayed with my grandparents and could listen to songs of my own choosing as much as I damn well pleased).

I’ve got nothing incredibly intelligent to write about “Hourglass”. The song is just fun as hell. And the silly-ass video (which I’m not even sure I’ve seen in full until recently) captures the energy of the song perfectly. Watch and enjoy.

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