“Hold On, We’re Going Home” by Drake feat. Majid Jordan (2013)

Drake is the cause of more internal conflict for me than he should be. I initially found him quite charming, and still do from time to time. But there’s a level of posturing that occurs with just about every hip-hop artist that goes from nothing to something, and it’s particularly grating coming from Drake. I don’t want to hear kingpin talk from anyone who once starred in Degrassi, know what I’m saying?

Thankfully, when he sings, Drake mines territory that feels more natural (in my opinion). “Hold On, We’re Going Home” is as far removed from hip-hop as anything Drake’s ever done. Sonically and lyrically, it’s more in the pocket of ‘80s new wave pop. Way more Tears for Fears than teardrop tattoos. Maybe not so much a stretch when you consider that Drake has long been a proponent of what they call “emo rap”, but also maybe something of a sign that the man born Aubrey Graham should maybe stick to love songs. And maybe he should team up with his proteges in Majid Jordan (who provide shadow vocals here) more often.

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