“Her Town Too” by James Taylor & J.D. Souther (1981)

There aren’t too many divorce songs floating around in the pop single universe, so that’s one thing that makes James Taylor’s “Her Town Too” (a duet with singer/songwriter/Eagles associate J.D. Souther) special. The song is sung from the perspective of a friend who is watching the female half of a couple get ostracized from her friend groups (well, from an entire town) for her part in a breakup. James and J.D. (singing as one person) are offering support. It’s a pretty unique perspective, especially when you consider that in the early ’80s, divorce was just beginning to become something that was commonplace in society. It’s also pretty different lyrically from what you’d have expected to hear from a soft rock song. With all that said, “Her Town Too” goes down as smooth as one would expect from the folk/rock troubadours. It’s soothing and reassuring. As with many JT songs, I’m sure it provided a lot of comfort for people going through breakups and dealing with the aftermath. Personally, I’ve only begun to get familiar with divorce over the past ten years or so, as friends have married and separated. So while I now “get” the song from a lyrical perspective, it’s always been a favorite of mine for the simple fact that James Taylor can write his ass off.

Cool thing about this video: the vocals are sung live.

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