“Heaven Is You” by Jon Secada (1997)

Jon Secada is one of those dudes who was huge for a minute, but mention his name to anyone under 35 and you will get universal blank stares. “Heaven Is You” comes from his third English-language album, 1997’s Secada. Jon shored up his R&B bona-fides by working with Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, who’d spent nearly a decade riding high on the charts thanks to hits by Janet Jackson, Boyz II Men, New Edition (together and solo), and just about everyone who was anyone in soul music.

Secada’s music, to that point, was straight down the middle adult contemporary pop, and “Heaven Is You” isn’t a total 180. It was never released as a single, but could’ve done fairly well at easy listening radio. I discovered it only because the Secada album got a fair amount of air time at the record store where I worked. What I love most about “Heaven Is You” is the fact that Jam & Lewis took their old 808 drum machine out of storage and engineered the song so that it sounded like an old S.O.S. Band track (although the drum machine was put a bit in the back of the mix so as not to scare off the Jon’s housewife-heavy fan base). The Flyte Tyme team gave him a great melody to go with the ace production, and the end result is a track that not a ton of people know about (from an artist a lot of people have forgotten). I’m posting this to make sure more people get familiar. Because “Heaven Is You” is a banger.

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