“Heaven Is 10 Zillion Light Years Away” by Stevie Wonder (1974)

Although I don’t call myself a believer, there are instances in which musical expressions of faith speak to my soul. One such instance (actually, several such instances) come courtesy of Stevie Wonder. “Heaven Is 10 Zillion Light Years Away” is a key track on Fulfillingness’ First Finale, Stevie’s follow up to the incredible Innervisions album. On this song, Stevie stands strong in his belief that not only does God exist, but He exists inside of everyone, even unbelievers. He actually is singing directly to the unbelievers, friends who question his belief. By the time Stevie (and about 10 zillion background Stevies) are done testifying, you just might be converted. This is a testament to Stevie’s twin powers as a songwriter and a vocalist. Both talents are at or near their peak here.

It’s worth mentioning that shortly after the release of Innervisions, Stevie was involved in a car accident that resulted in massive head trauma and put him in a coma for a period of time. By the time of Fulfillingness’ release barely a year later, he’d recovered, Innervisions had proven itself to be a smash, and he’d won the first of three consecutive Album of the Year Grammy Awards. One might say his faith was tested and rewarded.

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