“Heart And Soul” by Huey Lewis & The News (1983)

So here are two things you may not know about “Heart And Soul”. One, Huey Lewis & The News didn’t write it; Mike Chapman (who also wrote “My Sharona” and “Mickey”, to name a couple) and Nick Chinn did. Two, “Heart And Soul” is a cover. The country band Exile (of “Kiss You All Over” fame was the first to record it, and their version was followed by one recorded by The Bus Boys (the black rock & roll band that Eddie Murphy loved). Huey recorded the third-and most popular-version of the song.

What’s weird is that “Heart And Soul” sounds tailor-made for him. I almost can’t picture it sung by anyone other than him, although you can bet your ass that after I write this I’m gonna go to YouTube and search those other versions out. This song is straight-up ear candy. I can’t really point out why I like it as much as I do, but damned if it isn’t my…second favorite Huey Lewis song? It’s got a danceable bounce (indeed, it got some club play with assistance from a Jellybean Benitez remix) while remaining true to Huey’s rock and roll roots. It’s eminently singable and (to me, at least) is the defining single from one of the ’80s biggest albums.

And the video? There is so much going on here. So much bad acting. So much bad editing. So much bad white dancing. The News looking like the dorkiest rock stars ever. And Huey Lewis looking finer than a glass of wine in Carolina.

(Update: the Exile version of “Heart And Soul” is quite good. The Bus Boys’ rendition? Not so much.)

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