“Halley’s Waitress” by Fountains of Wayne (2003)

“Halley’s Waitress” is a song by the “Stacy’s Mom” guys. It actually comes from the same album (Welcome Interstate Managers) as “Stacy’s Mom”. However, it sounds absolutely nothing like “Stacy’s Mom”. Not that I hate “Stacy’s Mom” at all, but the average music fan more than likely has no frame of reference for Fountains of Wayne other than “Stacy’s Mom”, so…just giving you some context here.

What “Halley’s Waitress” does sound like is a slice of fantastic AM Gold from the early ’70s. Heavy on the wah-wah guitar, Chicago-esque horns, and fantastic harmonies from Chris Collingwood and Adam Schlesinger. Is it a pastiche? Possibly, considering how radically different it is from any other song in FoW’s catalog. They’re not taking the piss, though. This is as loving a tribute to easy listening pop as was ever made. Music that can be loved by housewives and middle-aged hipsters.

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