“Halfcrazy” by Musiq (2002)

You might get the idea that Musiq Soulchild (sometimes known as plain ol’ Musiq) is a bit pretentious, what with the stage name and the way his song titles combine words, but his gift as a singer/songwriter actually is the way that he can explain complicated emotional situations in a way that’s relatable to everyone. “Halfcrazy” was the lead single from Musiq’s second album, Juslisen (for context: his first album was called Aijuswanaseing. Yeah.) In the song (which has a cool Latin cha-cha sort of vibe to it), Musiq confronts a situation that many can relate to: a friendship that suddenly turns romantic or sexual, and then blows the fuck up in such a way that one or both parties regret not leaving things at a friendship level. When he sings “Damn, I just want my friend back” leading into the chorus, his frustration and regret is palpable.

Can I get an “Amen” from the choir on this one?

I don’t think sexual relationships and friendships need to be mutually exclusive. It’s perfectly fine to be fuck buddies without screwing up a friendship. Our heteronormative, monogamous conditioning (and the lack of communication prevalent even among some of the closest friendships) tends to prevent that from happening, thus leading to situations that result in songs like “Halfcrazy” being written. Proper communication and emotional maturity are key to any successful relationship (platonic, romantic, or a combination of both). Not to say I’ve successfully blurred those lines…yet. I’ve still got some work to do, myself. Maybe that’s why I like Musiq’s song so damn much.

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