“Half-Life” by Duncan Sheik (2002)

I guess if you’ve been reading this consistently, you’ve figured out that I have a thing for Duncan Sheik’s music. “Half Life” is the third song from Mr. Sheik featured in this list, and unless you’re a diehard fan of his, it’s unlikely that you even know three songs from the guy period.

I’ll run through this one quickly as I don’t think there’s much to say other than this song is beautiful. It’s a great combination of folky acoustic music with some electronic embellishments and soaring strings. Lyrically, it’s an open-hearted plea from Duncan, asking a former lover to take him back, as his life is not full without them. A repeated refrain throughout the song is “c’mon let’s fall in love”, a line that increases in urgency as the song progresses and is practically shouted at the end…with a whispered “again” closing the statement, and the song.

Pretty powerful stuff.

Pretty, powerful stuff. Y’all need to listen to more Duncan Sheik.

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