“Golden” by Jill Scott (2004)

Jill Scott might be a little self-absorbed, and that’s not (absolute) shade. She looks regal, her music sounds regal, and there’s a confidence that permeates through her that you don’t find in a lot of artists. I’ll take away points just because she (very sweetly) tried to son Chaka Khan for appearing as her opening act in concert ten or so years ago, but I’ll let that slide and say she was just caught up in the moment.

“Golden” is a song on which Jill tries to take that self confidence and spread it far and wide. She’s a fierce, independent, intelligent, free woman, living her life to the best of her ability. And she’s saying (singing) that not (strictly) for the sake of flossing, but because she wants everyone to be as fierce, independent, intelligent and free as she is. The energy and positivity is infectious!

And there is much to be said for grabbing life by the balls and living it as opposed to waiting for it to come to you. Jilly from Philly knows what’s up.

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