“Gigolos Get Lonely Too” by The Time (1982)

Players can be vulnerable, so sings Morris Day on The Time’s 1982 track “Gigolos Get Lonely Too”. Released as the second single from the funk band’s sophomore album, “Gigolos” slowed the pace down from their previous three hits, “Get It Up”, “Cool” and “777-9311”. It offered Morris the chance to do something resembling actual crooning, although his voice had more in common with the sexy purr of Ray Parker Jr. than it did with the sensual croon of Smokey Robinson. “Gigolos” also offered a more complete (or at least a less one-dimensional) picture of the Morris Day character.

Musically, “Gigolos” sounds like a variation on “Do Me, Baby” a song that Prince (who wrote and played “Gigolos” the same way he did with most Time records) released the year before. He was still figuring out a bit of musical variation as far as his slow jams went, but for the time being, the formula worked damn well.

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