“Getaway” by Earth, Wind & Fire (1976)

For the none of you who are looking for a little behind-the-curtain content regarding this blog. I have the next 50 or so songs listed in a Google doc, and next to each song title I have a few key words or phrases that I feel will help me when I ultimately decide to write the full post. Next to “Getaway”, I wrote “propulsive”. I don’t think that word comes up often when EW&F is discussed, but it’s appropriate to use in this song’s case. “Getaway” explodes out of your speakers (or headphones, if you don’t want to disturb anyone). “Getaway”‘s intro is pretty jazzy, but not in a smooth jazz kinda way, more like a Miles Davis freakout kinda way. Vocally, Maurice White brings the funk while Philip Bailey slips in a little bit of jazz. That intersection of jazz and funk (with a healthy heaping of pop smarts) really captures the essence of EW&F, although this is one of the less overtly pop entries in their hit catalog.

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