“Get Together” by Madonna (2005)

Madonna lost me in the early 2000s. Ray of Light still holds up well in spots, but Music left me pretty cold (minus a handful of songs), and the less said about American Life, the better. 2005’s Confessions on a Dance Floor was a step back from the confrontational, political, edgy Madonna and geared itself towards mindless dance tunes. It also was not very good, barring 2 or 3 good songs, one great song (the ABBA-sampling “Hung Up”), and one spectacular tune. I’m assuming that by now you’ve figured out which tune I’m referring to.

“Get Together” is tailor-made for spinning yourself into a disco trance. It’s one of the few 21st century Madonna songs that sounds timeless. It might be the only 21st century Madonna song that sounds timeless. “Get Together” could’ve fit perfectly on her first album or her 11th. Lyrically, it’s not much of a stretch from “Lucky Star”, and Madge’s voice provides just enough warmth over those icy, spacy synthesizer sounds (provided by Stuart Price, who has also worked magic with Seal and The Killers).

Some songs provoke movement unconsciously. Every time “Get Together” comes on over my headphones, I get the urge to dance, or at the very least strut like the biggest peacock on the floor. Or at least, strut like John Travolta at the end of Staying Alive.


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