“FNT” by Semisonic (1996)

FNT- “fascinating new thing”.

This is, in theory, similar to what many of my friends call NRE, or “new relationship energy”. It’s when endorphins are high and you’re just learning someone and you think they are the absolute shit. We are a pretty intelligent species, despite everything. One would think that we’d realize at some point that everyone has faults. Whether they pass gas at the dinner table or forget birthdays/anniversaries or pick their noses in public, that first blush isn’t reality. But it’s fun while it lasts, huh? I guess that’s why we never learn.

Let’s just say I’ve been there. Many times.

My favorite thing about “FNT” has to be Jacob Slichter’s drumming. It’s pile-driving and swinging. Jacob is a pretty precise and measured drummer most of the time, so to hear him go full-on Animal on the drums (relative to the Animal-ness of most of his drumming) is kinda fun, especially towards the song’s end.

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