“Fade Into You” by Mazzy Star (1993)

Here are some things “Fade Into You” feels like.

-A fever dream.

-Really, really, really good sex. So good that things appear to be happening in slow motion.

-Being stoned on the best weed. Or an acid trip on 33 instead of 45.

-Sitting outdoors on a really hot, humid day and giving in to the sweat.



There’s something about that swaying music and Hope Sandoval’s hazy drawl that just feels…lazy/stoned/surreal in all the best ways. “Fade Into You” is one of those songs from my initial dalliance with MTV that got played to death and still stuck with me without becoming annoying. Well, the only annoying thing was trying to get deeper into Mazzy Star and never coming up with a song I liked even half as much.

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