“Fade Into The Background” by Ne-Yo (2008)

How much do I want to get into my feels right now?

Let’s just say that my romantic history has made me very well versed at “fading into the background”. I have a habit of being interested in/dating people who are not entirely available, whether because of distance or other primary commitment. Also, because I date guys and I hate to generalize here, but dudes are emotionally fucked up and unable to express feelings as a general rule. But that’s not totally the point here.

Ne-Yo’s story of being a guest at the wedding of someone he was once in love with resonates with me even though I’ve never had that exact experience. I appreciate the fact that he would show up to such an event in the first place. Call me petty, call me sensitive, call me immature;  but if someone I was in love with fell in love with someone else I would make sure I was happy for them from a distance.  I will say that I unexpectedly found out that the person I’d most been in love with was engaged (he has since married) and even though our relationship had been in the rear view mirror for years, it was still devastating. “Fade Into The Background” got a LOT of play as I was trying to sort through my feelings there, for sure.

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