“Everybody Hurts” by R.E.M. (1992)

“Everybody Hurts” is earnest in a way that’s not usually associated with REM. Even their most direct songs can be described as slightly oblique. No obscured sentiment when it comes to “Everybody Hurts”. REM’s bassist Mike Mills once stated that the song was written to appeal to young people. It was meant to be anthemic. And it was. Er, it is. “Everybody Hurts” has gone on to become something of a standard. Musically, it doesn’t have a sound that ties it to a specific era, so it’ll never sound dated. The lyrical message will be applicable forever. And Michael Stipe’s knockout performance, full of emotion and soul, should forever mark him as one of rock’s greatest vocalists. And then there’s the stunning video; the most memorable clip from a band that’s got no shortage of memorable clips.

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