“Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic” by The Police (1981)

“Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic” signaled something of a change in the sound of The Police’s music. It was more polished, more pop sounding, than anything previously existing in their catalog. It’s the damn piano! The 88-keyed monster made its Police debut on “Every Little Thing…” and the song is all the better for it. That piano hook is the most memorable part!

Subject matter-wise? “Every Little Thing…” is kinda more of the same from Mr. Sting. Gordon made a habit out of playing the lovable loser in songs like “Can’t Stand Losing You” and “So Lonely”. He’s nursing an unrequited (and frankly, creepy) crush once again. But you’ve got to appreciate a guy who can come up with a lyric like “it’s a large enough umbrella, but it’s me that always ends up getting wet’”. Hell, Sting likes that line so much, he’s re-used it in other songs.


“Every Little Kiss” (Bruce Hornsby & The Range, 1986)-The three singles from “The Way It Is” were all great. Then Bruce’s songs kinda started to sound like one another and get less interesting. I appreciate the moment, though.

“Every Little Step” (Bobby Brown, 1988) – The album version of “Every Little Step” is actually pretty mediocre. Catchy, but not great. Even though the single remix (actually released in early ‘89) does a really weird thing where it omits the second verse of the song (Bobby just re-sings the first verse), it does amp the production way up and adds one of B. Brown’s more serviceable raps. And then there’s the classic video, which was remade years later for a Funny or Die sketch starring Wayne Brady, Mike Tyson, and a version of Bobby that wasn’t exactly in fighting (or dancing) shape.

“Every Little Thing I Do” (Soul For Real, 1995)– Great groove (sourced slightly from The Gap Band’s “Outstanding”), great hook. Heavy D was an underrated producer and talent scout. And this song kept Soul For Real from being a one-hit wonder. I’d actually argue that “Every Little Thing I Do” has aged better than its predecessor, the more popular “Candy Rain”.

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