“Emotion” by Samantha Sang (1977)

From 1977-1979, The Bee Gees were on the hottest of hot streaks. Saturday Night Fever‘s soundtrack was hitting, the songs they wrote and produced for little brother Andy Gibb were topping the charts, and they also were behind smashes for Yvonne Elliman, Frankie Valli, and this disco-spiced smoochie-dancer from Samantha Sang. “Emotion” features Barry, Robin and Maurice very prominently, shadowing Sang’s lead vocal (those call and response sections are amazing…) as well as handling the chorus.  Actually, back in the day there were folks who wondered if Sang was actually a Gibb brother with the vocal sped up. My guess is that if The Bee Gees wanted to record it on their own, they would’ve. And eventually, they did. An early 21st century version of “Emotion” appears on most of their recent greatest hits compilations. It surfaced shortly after Destiny’s Child hit the top 10 with a (fantastic) cover of it in 2001.  Sang’s version is better than either of the other versions, though. And the video below proves that she was a real person…I guess?

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