“Edge Of A Broken Heart” by Bon Jovi (1987)

My favorite Bon Jovi song wasn’t even an official single. And this ain’t it. More on that song later.

For now, let’s talk about “Edge Of A Broken Heart”. This uptempo power ballad was released in summer 1987; mere months after the Jersey fivesome blasted into the stratosphere with Slippery When Wet. In New York during that summer, it seemed like “Edge” played on Z-100 every five minutes. Wikipedia says that it peaked at #38 on Billboard’s airplay chart, which suggests the rest of the country didn’t cotton as much to the tune, but the tri-state area has always been a little more Bon Jovi-crazy anyway.

Aside from being a great pop/rock tune, “Edge” is also notable for appearing on the soundtrack of the film Disorderlies. Now, don’t tell me you’ve never seen this celluloid classic. Noted thespian Anthony Geary (AKA Luke of “General Hospital”) plays a major role, but Disorderlies is most notable for marking the first (and only) starring role for noted rappers/actors The Fat Boys. It’s a film milestone, I tell ya. I also haven’t seen it in thirty years, so my opinion might be a little bit out-of-date.

I run cold on most of Bon Jovi’s catalog, but “Edge Of A Broken Heart” is a definite banger. Not to be confused with Vixen’s “Edge Of A Broken Heart” (released contemporaneously but a completely different song) or Living Colour’s “I Want To Know” (which boasts remarkably similar riffage in the intro…)

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