“Dreadlock Holiday” by 10cc (1978)

If all you know of 10cc is “I’m Not In Love” and “The Things We Do For Love”; have I got something for you.

“Dreadlock Holiday” finds the 10cc guys vacationing down in Jamaica. Looks like they wander a little too far off the resort and the locals are looking to rob their white tourist asses. After making a narrow escape, our narrator chills at the hotel pool with a Pina colada and finds a young lady to ease his pain. All is good.

There’s a bit of a “stranger in a strange land” scenario happening here, and one point that should be made is that the lyrics of this song could be looked at as “white man is afraid of the scary third world guys”. Which isn’t cool as a general rule; but “Dreadlock Holiday” is cut with way too much humor for me to believe that was the intent. A further point can be made about people from the islands and their very valid reticence towards outsiders; especially when those outsiders venture out of known tourist areas and try to mingle with the locals. At any rate, “Dreadlock Holiday” feels way more like “loving tribute” than “political statement”, and I am rating it as such.

I discovered “Dreadlock Holiday” when it was featured in Guy Ritchie’s Snatch. It’s actually the second song from that soundtrack to appear in some form on this list (Maceo & The Macks’ “Cross The Tracks” was a “not quite five star” jam.) I respect folks like Guy Ritchie, Spike Lee and Quentin Tarantino, who not only can write a mean script, but have enough musical knowledge to place a wide array of songs in scenes where they fit perfectly. I don’t think I’ll ever even attempt to write a script…but if anyone wants me to find songs that fit the movie they’re making, I’m 100% down. I don’t like that idea, I love it!!

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