“Don’t You Want Me? (single remix)” by Jody Watley (1987)

In the mid ‘80s, it became commonplace for songs to get “freshened up” for single release, so that the version played on the radio was similar but not exactly the same as the version you’d hear on the album. “Don’t You Want Me”, the third single from Jody Watley’s Grammy-winning debut album, is one song that benefitted greatly from this treatment. In its Bernard Edwards-produced original version, it’s fine. It just doesn’t pop out of the speakers the way that the single mix does. The drums are more forceful, the keyboards are brighter, and Jody’s voice sounds fuller (and echo-ier, too). Give the credit for the post-op to Andre Cymone, who remixed the track and starred in the video as Jody’s love interest. What no one knew at the time is that the two were a real-life couple. On some Janet Jackson/Rene Elizondo type shit, the pair didn’t reveal their romantic attachment until they split up in the late ‘90s. Maybe Jody’s label thought that dudes wouldn’t be as attracted to her if they knew Andre put a ring  on it? I dunno. Anyway, Jody’s debut album is a high water mark in late ‘80s dance pop. “Don’t You Want Me” is stylish, funky, and self-referential (a key lyric: “are you looking for a new love?”. And the video is fierce.

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