“Don’t You Want Me?” by The Human League (1981)

“Don’t You Want Me” is one of those songs that could be the plot of a movie…a movie that could potentially end in disturbing fashion. As I’ve grown older and understood relationships more, I’ve figured out how factual the story arc of “Don’t You Want Me” can be. By the time a relationship ends, usually the two principals see what has transpired in two completely different ways. The female vocalist is walking away from this union after five years with good memories. She still loves her boyfriend/husband/whatever. But she realizes that they are at different places in life and she wants to move in a different direction. The guy, on the other hand, can’t accept that the relationship has run its natural chorus and implores her to change her mind “or we will both be sorry”. Which would only cause me to run faster in the opposite direction. That simple drama, that probably plays out in some form or fashion thousands of times a day in the world, made for a fantastic single.

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